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Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronic Assembly

Combining automated SMT, BGA and PTH technologies for single or mixed technology requirements. In production, GWT will manufacture monthly quantities ranging from a few units to high volume.


A cost effective solution to the complex realities of manufacturing management. Supplying materials, technical support, manufacturing and assuming complete responsibility for attrition and product workmanship. We typically supply the PCB, components, and tooled parts.


Offering collective purchasing strength and convenience to improve customer costs and efficiency. Employing statistical process control techniques to achieve better performance from our vendors in terms of quality and on-time delivery.


Assembly services using customer supplied materials. All materials provided are carefully audited to assure agreement with packing documentation and the Bill of Material. Acknowledgements are promptly issued to confirm any material shortages and discrepancies.


Start to finish product manufacturing. Strategic product planning at every stage of production to assure consistent processes, sequencing and complete product control.

Prototype and NPI Production, PCB / PCBA

Production-ready at any stage. Our flexible and highly efficient staff is ready to meet your specific prototype needs in a timely manner.

Product Design, Development & Documentation

Providing expertise in design and value manufacturing while preparing efficient documentation for product manufacturing. GWT confidently recommends Mark Desantis of Valencia Circuitworks as a reliable design engineer option if you are looking to complete your design or need any related help in that area.

Engineering Support, Component / Manufacturability / Test

Utilizing engineering support techniques to assist in areas like component engineering and identification, manufacturability analysis, and value engineering. Offering solutions that enhance manufacturing and test yields, and related product reliability.

Cable Assembly

GWT can manufacture a wide variety of cable and wire assemblies and harnesses including the necessary operations for cut, strip, tin, solder/crimp and connector attachment.

Rugged and Wet Electronics

GWT offers conformal coating and potting capabilities to enhance moisture protection, to add strength against mechanical vibration and shock, and to offer added security to protect customers’ valuable proprietary designs.


Testing services are provided as specified for each assembly. In-Circuit testing and Flying Probe testing is available in addition to Functional testing per customer supplied test program and fixture.

Electromechanical Assembly

Skilled technicians manually assemble non-machine placed elements.


Complete manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution services. Providing customers with an alternative to traditional product management.

Recall Depot

Going one step further to offer a complete solution, utilizing established OEM procedures to quickly respond to end user product returns. Offering product repair and replacement services to better serve the consumer market.

Top-Flight ESD Controls

GWT has installed continuous wrist strap and heel strap monitoring devices at each workstation that sound an alarm if ESD protection breaks down. Much thought has gone into a plant floor layout that minimizes contact between non-ESD protected people and the assemblies in process.

Cleanliness Initiatives

GWT has installed a DI water system to complement its traditional RO-based system. A batch cleaner and cleanliness tester are also in place so the most stringent cleanliness levels set by the aerospace and military world are readily achieved and maintained.

Automated Conformal Coating

GWT offers automated conformal coating with urethane, acrylic or silicone to precisely apply coatings uniformly to all printed circuit board configurations.