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Q: What is the usual lead time for a turnkey job?

A: 4-8 weeks is the usual amount of time assuming no material supply delays, GWT always lets you know if challenging lead time or supply issues exist and its impact on deliveries

Q: What is the typical lead time for a consignment job?

A: 2-3 weeks

Q: Are customers free to visit the plant in order to get updates on their jobs?

A: Certainly, customers can visit us anytime for tours, meetings, audits, and of course to check on the progress of their jobs

Q: Can the lead time guidelines be improved in certain situations?

A: Yes, but when it comes to expediting PCBs and other material, expediting costs will apply in varying degrees. Also on the manufacturing side, adjusting the production schedule to give one customer a higher priority will normally result in premium charges.

Q: What documents need to be submitted in order for GWT to quote/get working on the job?

A: There are several documents that we need ASAP to complete a quote or proceed with the job�in the �Getting Started� section of this website by �Contact Us� click on the pdf icon to see the applicable checklist form.

Q: What if a design engineer is required to work on or complete my circuit board design?

A: GWT requires a completed design in order to build product for our customers. We don’t have design engineers in-house, but we do have component, substitution, and manufacturing engineers to address manufacturability issues. When it comes to obtaining actual design services work we recommend Mark DeSantis at Valencia Circuitworks.

Q: Should the customer be aware of any other costs in addition to per-unit production costs?

A: GWT needs a solder stencil for each job that goes on our SMT machines. If the customer doesn�t already have one, then GWT can procure it for you and store it on-site as a customer owned unit. Also, typically there are certain NRE costs associated with the start up of a new job and any subsequent board redesign. The one-time charges eventually fall out and a pure-form production unit cost is ultimately reached. GWT will separate those costs in the quote so that you can get comfortable with a true production unit cost number.

For turnkey jobs, the customer may be responsible for any excess material (material forced to buy on your behalf due to minimum buy restrictions) that goes unused�but we will inform you in the quote of any excess material situations.

Q: Does GWT accommodate first article requests for a unit just going into production?

A: GWT always does an internal first article as part of the auto placement process. GWT can accommodate customer requests for external 1st articles however there will be an additional charge because our machines lines are down waiting for the customer go-ahead.

Q: For a consignment job, how is the excess material handled?

A: GWT maintains a secure, caged area set aside for consignment kits. Any excess material is identified and packaged, then shipped back to the customer soon after completion of a kit. If other kits are soon on there way in, GWT will work with the customer to transfer useable material from the finished kit to the new kit.