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Quality Systems

  • AS9100
  • ISO 9001
  • IPC-A-610, class 2 &amp 3


  • CSA
  • CE
  • UL
  • FM
  • ITAR Registered since 2010

Quality Commitment

Golden West Technology’s Quality Policy and Mission Statement

Delivering quality products that meet Customer’s requirements… while pursuing a planned strategic direction, continued improvement, quality system effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Key Elements Behind GWT’s Quality Reputation

  • ISO Certification since 1999 and CGMP based prior
  • Embracing close Customer Relationships
  • Monitoring Customer Satisfaction and consistently listening to Customers
  • Statistical Process Control Techniques
  • Commitment to Continual Improvement
  • Investing in Leading Edge Technology SMT / BGA / AOI / X-RAY
  • Competency Based Training and Skills Development
  • Certified IPC Trainer on Staff
  • Dedicated, Stable and Loyal Workforce that stay with GWT long-term
  • Top-Flight ESD Controls that include continuous wrist strap monitoring, required heel straps, and secure systems
  • Lot code traceability for components and PCBs

Purchase Order Clauses

Golden West Technology Lead Free Commitment

GWT has made a commitment to support existing customer requirements to transition some of their products to RoHS compliance and to offer RoHS compliant assembly for new customers. With that commitment, GWT has purchased a new Technical Devices flow solder machine for lead-free soldering of printed circuit boards and a new Heller oven that more easily accommodates lead free boards and especially larger sized boards. In addition, GWT has purchased, installed, and implemented software for due diligence to comply with RoHS and is offering part validation per IPC 1752 to show compliance to RoHS if challenged by the EU. GWT has also invested in IPC training and certification in lead-free assembly and green lead-free workstations. Our customers are serious about lead-free manufacturing and so are we.


Utilizing 30,000 Sq. Ft., of audit approved, ESD compliant and environmentally controlled manufacturing space. Personnel 
Providing a highly skilled and stable workforce of seventy employees. All personnel are trained in ISO awareness, IPC-A-610 and J-Std-001 workmanship standards and ESD prevention by an experienced Certified IPC Trainer that GWT has on staff.All employees have an established training file that is monitored to assure compliance and updated to reflect completion of required courses. Employees are encouraged to pursue new competencies and to seek advancement in their respective fields.