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GWT Announces Major Equipment Expansion

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Last year, GWT purchased our first non-Fuji related pick and place machine when we purchased a brand new Yamaha M20 machine from Yamaha/Amistar. The advantages of this new Yamaha equipment are multifold… bringing added flexibility, speed, efficiency, and space/footprint utilization. It allowed us to go from 2 fully automated assembly lines to 3, with 1 Yamaha and 2 Fuji lines. With successful confirmation of this new machine and its numerous advantages, GWT has taken a next step of purchasing another new Yamaha pick and place machine, this time the S20, to replace the oldest Fuji line. The S20 machine version is essentially the same as the M20 we already have but the S20 has 12 heads rather than 6 for our M20 and therefore 30% more speed than our other machine. Furthermore with the smaller footprint of both Yamaha machines, we will eventually be able to expand to 4 lines within the same automation space where we could only house 2 lines previously with the Fuji equipment. GWT is very excited about this major expansion and this significant development in our manufacturing capability.

GWT forms Marketing Alliance with Valencia Circuitworks Design Service Arm

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The principal at Valencia Circuitworks, Mark DeSantis, is a well-respected and successful design engineer serving the Aerospace & Defense markets. Golden West Technology has worked together with Mark and Valencia Circuitworks for 10 years now and we are very excited to be pursuing a much closer relationship in the near term future. We serve similar markets and customers so by working closer together we can help to provide our customers with better quality and more focused manufacturability oriented solutions going forward. If you require a professional to help with your PCBA design needs GWT can confidently recommend Mark DeSantis of Valencia Circuitworks as someone to definitely talk to.