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GWT Adds Enhanced X-Ray Inspection Capability

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GWT has just acquired a CR�Technology, CRX-2000 x�ray machine that immediately upgrades our present capability. This machine has a larger x�ray chamber comparatively speaking and the ability for 360 degree rotation and 30 degree tiit aliows for better overall viewing and inspection.

GWT upgrades ESD Controls

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GWT recently reorganized its plant floor layout to minimize contact between non-ESD protected people and the assemblies in process. Also, documents that accompany jobs are placed in anti-static bags to further protect the PCBAs they accompany. Lastly, all workstations have been equipped with continuous wrist strap monitoring devices that will sound an alarm if ESD protection lapses.

GWT Makes Major Investment in X-Ray & AOI

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Golden West Technology has thoroughly addressed BGA X-RAY inspection by acquiring a Nicolet NXR 1400-I X-Ray inspection machine. The Company previously had BGA placement and BGA rework capability, and this acquisition completes full exposure in that area and brings outside reliance on inspection�in-house. Recently, GWT made another investment in the inspection area by purchasing a Yes-Tech YTV-F1 Automated Optical Inspection unit. By embracing the robust features of enhanced technology and machine vision techniques, increased speed and consistency will be obtained by our inspection areas.