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GWT Acquires More Equipment

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  • EKRA E4 Screen Printer — This is a fully automatic screen printer that provides for more accurate and reliable application of solder paste to the pads on the circuit board. GWT now has a full complement of automatic, with no further reliance on manual app|ication…for all of its SMT assembly lines.
  • Fuji GL5 Glue Machine — GWT upgraded our previous machine forward a couple of generations from a GL2 to GL5, thus allowing for faster and more consistent application of pcb adhesive when required for assembly.
  • Fuji IP3 Fine Pitch Machine — A Fuji IP3 was acquired with very low hours in order to upgrade the reliability over our previous 1P3 machine. Better planarity with this machine allows for flatter more secure pins and improved overall placements.

New Automatic Screen Printer Machine & ROHS Certified, Solder Reflow Oven

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GWT would like to announce an aggressive new step in capital investment for their main manufacturing plant. The company has secured a new Ekra fully automatic screen printer machine that promises to be a significant upgrade over the existing equipment. GWT has also purchased a new leadfree, ROHS certified, solder reflow oven, the Heller 1707EXL. Both new machines are expected to enhance our manufacturing capability and help us achieve higher levels of quality.