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Added Selective Soldering Station: Pillarhouse, JADE S-200

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The JADE S-200 station by Pillarhouse provides selective soldering of through hole components to printed circuit boards at a low cost approach with inherently smaller bath design ( compared to wave solder ) and the added advantage of quick change capabilities i.e., from lead free to eutectic and visa versa. In addition, with the nitrogen gas feature, solder joints are inherently improved.

New Automatic Screen Printer Machine & ROHS Certified, Solder Reflow Oven

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GWT would like to announce an aggressive new step in capital investment for their main manufacturing plant. The company has secured a new Ekra fully automatic screen printer machine that promises to be a significant upgrade over the existing equipment. GWT has also purchased a new leadfree, ROHS certified, solder reflow oven, the Heller 1707EXL. Both new machines are expected to enhance our manufacturing capability and help us achieve higher levels of quality.

Golden West Technology lead-free commitment

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GWT has made a commitment to support existing customer requirements to transition some of their products to RoHS compliance and to offer RoHS compliant assembly for new customers. With that commitment GWT has purchased a new Technical Devices flow solder machine for lead-free soldering of printed circuit boards. Also it will be purchasing a new Heller reflow oven designed especially for lead-free reflow soldering. Along with that commitment GWT has purchased, installed and implemented software for due diligence to comply with RoHS and is offering part validation per IPC 1752 to show compliance to RoHS if challenged by the EU. GWT has also invested in IPC training and certification in lead-free assembly and green lead-free workstations. Our customers are serious about lead-free manufacturing and so are we.