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GWT Announces Major Equipment Expansion

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Last year, GWT purchased our first non-Fuji related pick and place machine when we purchased a brand new Yamaha M20 machine from Yamaha/Amistar. The advantages of this new Yamaha equipment are multifold… bringing added flexibility, speed, efficiency, and space/footprint utilization. It allowed us to go from 2 fully automated assembly lines to 3, with 1 Yamaha and 2 Fuji lines. With successful confirmation of this new machine and its numerous advantages, GWT has taken a next step of purchasing another new Yamaha pick and place machine, this time the S20, to replace the oldest Fuji line. The S20 machine version is essentially the same as the M20 we already have but the S20 has 12 heads rather than 6 for our M20 and therefore 30% more speed than our other machine. Furthermore with the smaller footprint of both Yamaha machines, we will eventually be able to expand to 4 lines within the same automation space where we could only house 2 lines previously with the Fuji equipment. GWT is very excited about this major expansion and this significant development in our manufacturing capability.

GWT Acquires More Equipment

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  • EKRA E4 Screen Printer — This is a fully automatic screen printer that provides for more accurate and reliable application of solder paste to the pads on the circuit board. GWT now has a full complement of automatic, with no further reliance on manual app|ication…for all of its SMT assembly lines.
  • Fuji GL5 Glue Machine — GWT upgraded our previous machine forward a couple of generations from a GL2 to GL5, thus allowing for faster and more consistent application of pcb adhesive when required for assembly.
  • Fuji IP3 Fine Pitch Machine — A Fuji IP3 was acquired with very low hours in order to upgrade the reliability over our previous 1P3 machine. Better planarity with this machine allows for flatter more secure pins and improved overall placements.

GWT Acquires new Equipment and Capabilities

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A). Added Scienscope Video Inspection System Utilizing its ZOOM Lens Magnification, High Resolution Camera and the ability to view images on large LCD screen significantly improves the video inspection of electronic assemblies. Greatly enhances our communication to Customers and Vendors. B). Added multiple Fuji CP 743 Chip Shooters Accepting up to 140 device inputs at placement speeds of 0.068/shot and rated at 52,000 CPH with +/- .066 mm accuracy and 0201 ready greatly improves automated SMT assembly capabilities. C). Added Automated Conformal Coating Machines and Facility: PVA 750 Combined with GWT’s traditional manual conformal coating capabilities, The PVA 750 adds accuracy and thickness precision to the conformal coating process. D). Added Vacuum Capability to the Epoxy Potting Process Provides additional capability to minimize voids in our product encapsulation process.